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Arc’teryx LEAF Drac Jacket

Last year I purchased a new softshell, an Arc’teryx LEAF Drac Jacket in Urban Wolf. Because Al Gore insists on flying his personal jet all over the globe preaching against global warming, thereby hypocritically dumping untold amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and heating up the planet (sarcasm intended), I didn’t get many opportunities last […]

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Joe Biden Special Weapons and Tactics

Vice President Joe Biden has been in the news a lot lately for not only his ignorance where the Second Amendment is concerned, but for the flat out stupidity of his self-defense advice. Since apparently the man doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, he’s at it again.

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3D Printed AR-15 Lower Receiver

Recently I wrote a post stating that one of the many reasons that gun control would never work is technology. In it, I told you about Defense Distributed, a nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas, and their efforts to make 3D printing most or all of a functional weapon in your own home a […]

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A while back on Facebook, I told you about a Kickstarter project called BLACK the Web Series in which Monderno is a backer. If you don’t already know, BLACK is an online only series that was created, written and directed by Frank T. Ziede, an award winning Writer/Director based in Chicago (but he’s a Lakers fan…go figure).

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Beretta USA May Leave Maryland

Pictured above is a Beretta Nano and Remora holster. Gun control, not surprisingly in this political climate, is being debated in Maryland.  Beretta USA, which is located in Maryland, is paying close attention to the outcome.

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