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Close Quarters Shooting, Reality in Context

Every instructor has a particular skillset that they pay special attention to; be it the mechanical fundamentals, precision accuracy at distance or more dynamic skills such as speed shooting.  This doesn’t mean that other important skills are ignored, far from it.  Rather (at least in my case) it makes the focus more evident in that […]

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RailScales KeyMod Grip Panels

When KeyMod first made the move from industrial shelving to the firearms world, I’ll admit I was pretty excited.  I don’t like excess weight of unused 1913 rail space, so much so that I went to the modular style of rails back when the only options on the market cost three or four times what […]

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Point fire

Vision Under Stress

I remember that it took forever to clear my shirt off my gun, I yanked up on it so hard with my off hand, just like I had been trained, that the bottom buttons were torn right off the shirt. I found my gun and drew, my first round was from the hip. The shot […]

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Lionheart LH9

Lionheart LH9 Review

During my career and personal life, I have carried a lot of different handguns.  From a service Beretta to a duty carry H&K USP Tactical, a Kimber 1911 to an FN 5.7; I’ve experienced the pros and cons of different controls and functions.  This doesn’t make me an “expert” in the handgun, but it does […]

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Hardcore Hardware MFK03-G

I’ve had a relationship with Hardcore Hardware and their products for a while now; to date I’ve tested four of them including the topic of this review, the HHA MFK03-G.  Despite their habit of giving knives letter/number combination titles, HHA produces some of the finest hard use cutting devices I’ve ever had the pleasure of […]

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Supine POV

Center Mass in a Three-Dimensional World

What is Center Mass?  The generally accepted definition is “center of the chest.”  This is usually denoted on a target by an X score ring or similar point of aim to aid in training.  Unfortunately, this is wrong insofar as reality is concerned (and we should always be concerned with reality).  Center Mass is the […]

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Sage Dynamics Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter Citizen Response

Over a year ago and after serious consideration, I finally decided to put together a course I had been thinking of.  At that point, I had been an active shooter response instructor for law enforcement/military for some time and was well into using a Single Officer Response to an Active Shooter program I had designed […]

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HSGI AO Chest Rig

HSGI AO Small Chest Rig

My first experience with High Speed Gear products was more than a few years ago when looking for a high quality, open-top magazine pouch that would support an AK profile magazine in 7.62×39.  At the time, the market only supported a few that I found and none of them could be described as high quality.  […]

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