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Fundamentals of Low Light Part 1

Of all the techniques that I would consider the most critical, low-light training is perhaps the most neglected.  The main reason for this is usually lack of a range which will facilitate low-light live fire and the general prohibitive cost for those on a budget to attend a low-light specific course.  Because of these factors, […]

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LEO Perspective on Open Carry

Editor’s Note: As a follow up on our recent open carry discussion, I asked Aaron Cowan, the Lead Instructor for Sage Dynamics and law enforcement officer to comment on open carry from a pro-liberty LEO perspective. I hope that this time around we can have a more intelligent debate on the topic without people jumping […]

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Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

When I think of a level IV plate carrier, “low profile” does not come to mind.  Many manufacturers have tried in the past to develop a low profile plate carrier with varied results, some far more successful than others.  Obviously the issue is the thickness of a level IV plate, the thickness of the material […]

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Streamlight Protac 1L

I am an unapologetic SureFire loyalist when it comes to most of my flashlight needs.  From 1999 to 2010, I owned nothing but Surefire products and when I was issued another brand light for my entry/patrol rifle during my time with the DOD, I said no thanks and stuck with my Surefire.

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