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Payton's Project

Payton’s Project

There have been a few times since we’ve started 2 Vets Arms that I’ve honestly felt led to act, and use the reach and capabilities of 2VA to make a difference; this is one of those times. Through our Crossfit Muskogee family, we were recently made aware of a 5 year old girl in our […]

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Armed March on Washington D.C.

Bad idea of the week year… Recently during a phone call with Brandon, the worst idea I’ve heard since I’ve had to deal with 2nd Lieutenants came up. There is a man who thinks an armed march around the streets of Washington D.C. will scare the government into stop being so tyrannical. Where do I […]

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No Compromise

My good friend Brandon called me to get my take (which is usually unfiltered for him) on an article about compromise with the gun control folks, and what he heard was not what he expected. “Guess it’s time for Dean to make his Monderno appearance huh?” This was originally an offer that was meant to […]

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