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Rifle Dynamics 3 Day AK Builder Class AAR

A few weekends ago I was able to attend the Rifle Dynamics AK Builder class in Tulsa, OK. I purchased the class as an early Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She’s helped me build a few AR’s, and said she wanted to build her own rifle from the ground up. I’ve wanted a Rifle Dynamics […]

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The Boston Marathon Bombing, One Year Later

As with most significant tragedies, certain details and images stick with you. A year ago, my hometown came under attack – a terrorist attack to be exact. On April 15, 2013, 264 people were injured, and three were killed during one of the largest yearly events in Massachusetts, the Boston Marathon. I remember the images […]

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Christmas Safety Tips

While everyone is cruising around crowded malls and parking lots, with thoughts of a White Christmas and sugar plum fairies dancing around in their heads, many seem to forget one thing…SAFETY. Most people throw caution to the wind during the holidays, and figure that everyone has good intentions due to holiday cheer, but it’s important […]

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Training to Live in a Non Polite Society

The world is a scary place, there’s no denying that fact. However, there are people who will deny the possibility that violence could ever happen to them. These are the people that most often say, “not me”, “that would never happen”, “I don’t have to worry about that”, “I’m prepared for that”, “I know how […]

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Boston Marathon Bombing

When I first heard the news, I was over 500 miles away from home in the backwoods of High View, West Virginia, teaching a defensive pistol class with a mixture of law enforcement and non-law enforcement students. My mind immediately started to race as I excused myself from the firing line and started contacting friends […]

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