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Your Safety is not the Government’s Responsibility

My first post to this site was about being mentally prepared to protect yourself in the event of someone trying to cause you personal injury. It was mostly written for people who have already made the decision to take responsibility for their own personal safety.  Something that I didn’t mention that I think is important for people […]

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Law Enforcement and Gun Control

About a week ago I was standing in line to get lunch while I was at work and on the TV was a replay of President Obama speaking about gun control. His backdrop was a conveniently placed group of police officers. (more…)

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Are You Prepared?

As the title of this article says, are you prepared? When I say you I’m talking to everyone that has made the conscious decision to carry a firearm.  I have asked this question to numerous people I encounter that have decided to carry a concealed weapon.  The responses I get vary but they typically fall […]

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