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Open Letter to Michigan State Senator Mike Green

Dear Senator Green, My name is Erik Utrecht and I am a resident of the state of Michigan born and raised in Kalamazoo. I am a decorated Air Force combat veteran and I spent nearly a decade of my life in service to his country as a military law enforcement officer and instructor. I had […]

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Canik TP9 SA

Canik TP9 SA Safety Concern

I recently purchased a Canik TP9 SA for review after hearing how great the pistol is, especially considering the price point (I paid just over $300 for mine). The TP9 SA is made in Turkey and imported by Century Arms for the US market. My initial impressions were very positive, so I sent the pistol […]

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Racism Towards a Red Light

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. –Ayn Rand In my last contribution to the decline of Western literature [It’s Not Personal – Police and You] I mentioned that it was the first is a series of articles addressing the national controversy surrounding peace officers and their interaction with the public. My plan in […]

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Number One With a Bullet

The United States has the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. That means that the United States has the highest per capita murder rate in the world, right? Well, no actually. Not even close. (more…)

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Lars Andersen, photo by Lars

Lars Andersen, the “World’s Fastest Archer”

This is something you have to see to believe. Jerry Miculek’s archery counterpart has been found…watch the insanity for yourself. Someone get this guy on Discovery Channel. Press release from Lars below. World’s fastest archer disproves Hollywood archery myth For thousands of years, the bow and arrow was used for war. Those days are long […]

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Glock 19 PHLster Skeleton

Shots Fired

A friend of mine posted the following “it happened to me” shots fired story on Facebook today, and is re-posted here in its entirety with permission. (more…)

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The two gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo attack via Daily Mail

Gun Control Will Not Save You

Earlier today, two men armed with AK-47s and an RPG stormed the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France and killed at least 12 people. In case you forgot, Charlie Hebdo has several times in the past made fun of the “prophet” Muhammad, which at the time of writing appears to have […]

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