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M855 Already Banned?

Update 3/10/2015: The ATF announced that it will not move forward with a ban on M855 at this time. The M855 saga continues with what appears to be a play right out of the Communist playbook. Townhall is reporting that the M855 round has already been banned in the new ATF regulation guide:

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Glock Tease

Glock teased us today by releasing the following image on their Facebook page. It appears that Glock will be releasing or announcing a new pistol at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. Let the speculation begin.

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Bill Introduced to Save M855

The ATF recently decided it has the authority to reclassify M855 5.56 round as “armor piercing” and therefore ban its sale to the civilian market. Of course, this has “nothing to do with gun control” and is instead an effort to “protect the lives and safety of law enforcement officers from the threat posed by […]

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Beretta Debuts the APX Striker Fired Pistol

Beretta announced today that they have debuted a new full-size striker fired pistol, a first for Beretta, at the International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi. The pistol is called the APX, and is a multi-caliber/modular system that Beretta will be submitting to the upcoming US Army Modular Handgun System:

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