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The good folks over at Boxer Tactical have been busy. Not only have they been working long hours making some excellent EDC/tactical belts (with more cool stuff coming soon), but Billy, the President of Boxer Tactical and all around swell guy, has started a personal YouTube channel called Amidst the Noise.

The channel is definitely starting off with a pro-Second Amendment bang, and is the main reason I’m sharing with you today. Here’s how Billy describes his new channel:

I created a personal video blog to talk about some things that concern me the most. In our quest to be as transparent and honest as possible we feel it’s important that you understand we unequivocally support the Second Amendment and all rights protected under the Constitution. It will take us all, we must unite to protect our rights, let your members of Congress know where you stand, now is not the time to be silent.

In Billy’s first video, which is embedded below, he talks about some of the very same things you’ve seen us talk about with regards to gun control. How the statistics and public opinion are being manipulated by the corrupt politicians and the complicit media.

Billy does an awesome job breaking down some of the very same FBI Uniform Crime data that you’ve seen us cite, and draws some very interesting comparisons with other countries that gun control fanatics point to so often (think Piers Morgan and Great Britain).

Watch the video, and if you enjoy it as much as I did, subscribe to Amidst the Noise to keep up with Billy’s work, and check out Boxer Tactical on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



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