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Monderno Logo Coye Knives ForeRunner

If you follow Monderno, you know all about Coye Knives. Owned and operated by custom knife maker Bill Coye out of Tulsa, OK, Coye Knives has become one of the most recognizable custom knife brands, due largely to the success of the Ridgeback, now called the ForeRunner.

Today I’m excited to formally announce a limited 20 piece run of Monderno logo custom ForeRunners!

Monderno logo Coye ForeRunner, photo by Coye Knives

Monderno logo Coye ForeRunner, photo by Coye Knives

Monderno Logo ForeRunner

The Monderno ForeRunners (pictured above) come with Merlin Gray Camo G10 handle, a stonewash finish with the Monderno logo on the blade and serial number on the spine. Each ForeRunner comes with a custom Kydex sheath setup with soft loops for horizontal carry, as well as the standard Coye warranty card. Blade steel is 3/16″ 154CM, with a blade length of 3.25″ and an overall length of 6.25″.

Last November we did a 15 piece run of custom Ridgebacks (remember, the custom Ridgeback has since been retired, replaced with the ForeRunner). Demand far outstripped the limited supply, so in order to make it somewhat fair I went with a lottery system using It worked really well, so this time around, I’ll do the same.


If you’re familiar with the ForeRunner, then you should be able to guess the price – take a standard ForeRunner and add in the cost of the custom stencil work on the blade and spine. They are $375 shipped.

This should go without saying, but please do not enter the lottery if you aren’t willing to purchase one.

Note: the transaction will take place directly with Coye Knives and will not go through Monderno in any way.

How to Get One

Sale is closed. Thank you for your support!

Monderno Logo ForeRunner Serial Numbers

If you see your name below, check your email to see if you were selected by

  1. Brandon (me)
  2. Travis M
  3. Brandon S
  4. Nathan N
  5. Aaron T
  6. Nate P
  7. Patrick R
  8. Colby F
  9. Cesar C
  10. John
  11. Jesus A
  12. Tristan G
  13. Don M
  14. Patrick S
  15. Zak M
  16. Daniel A
  17. Joseph D
  18. Jacob F
  19. Kyle K
  20. Joseph R

Thank you once again to Bill Coye for doing us the honor!

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3 Responses to Monderno Logo Coye Knives ForeRunner

  1. Jake August 14, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    Can the space aliens be bribed?

  2. Jake H August 15, 2014 at 9:11 pm #

    Take all the time you need brother

  3. Paddy August 19, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    Have any of the other winners had problems paying for their Forerunner using Paypal? I have yet to be able to pay for mine using three different credit cards. And yes they are all good. I just got off the phone with paypal for the fourth time today and the person I just spoke with told me that because it is a knife “it is illegal to purchase knives using paypal” her exact words not mine. That surprised the heck out of me. Maybe its a paypal thing. In either case as of yet I am unable to pay for my Forerunner.