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Welcome Katylist

Today I would like to formally introduce our newest advertising partner, Katylist. Katylist is a new specialty/outdoor gear website that was formed by the folks from Shellback Tactical.


From Shellback Tactical, who brought you the flagship Banshee Plate Carrier, comes a new brand Katylist (cat·a·lyst). Katylist is a forward thinking defense / specialty product and outdoor gear website. Katylist is comprised of dedicated professionals that have a history Law Enforcement and the defense industry. We have developed and launched proven products with Shellback Tactical and Katylist will be no different.

Katylist is not only a new site but a new brand to watch. As we grow, expect to see new unique and exclusive products only available at Katylist.  We will also offer a full line of Hard Armor products and be adding the best proven unique new products and brands over time. At Katylist you can expect more. Katylist is “EVOLVED TACTICAL SOLUTIONS” One brand to check out on the site is the 1110 Gear product line with their unique tourniquet holder solutions.

Like all of our advertising partners, Katylist carries some pretty cool gear. One product in particular that I recently purchased from Katylist and am looking forward to testing out is the Snagmag magazine carrier, shown below.

Snagmag, image via Catylist

Snagmag, image via Catylist

As you can see from the image, a Snagmag is a very low key way to carry a spare magazine in your pocket that looks very much like a knife clip.

For more gear like the Snagmag, including body armor, trauma kits and a whole lot more, check out

Katylist on the web | Katylist on Facebook


One Response to Welcome Katylist

  1. Jake February 10, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    That Snagmag is badass – too bad they are sold out for the G19.