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Dynamis Blade Overview

Dynamis Alliance recently announced the Dynamis Blade, a purpose built custom knife designed by Dom Raso for concealed carry, and made by Winkler Knives.

Dynamis Blade, image via Dynamis

Dynamis Blade, image via Dynamis

Check out this overview from Dom:

– Designed by Dom Raso; produced by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler; inspired by Warriors through their collective experience in close quarters battle and combatives.
– Cut from CPM3V, one of the toughest, most wear resistant steels on the market
– 3.75″ cutting edge
– Single or double edged, depending on your preference

– Textured rubber with a subtle Dynamis Shield print overlays the handle for ultimate grip to perform in any condition
– Beneath the rubber is a skeletonized tang to keep the blade light and balanced
– The handle’s unique shape is a perfect fit for both reverse and forward grip fighting
– The blade has jimmping on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel to provide extra purchase and maximum traction

– We worked closely with S&S Precision to bring you an unparalleled product that is responsive, intuitive and optimized for close quarter self-defense and concealed carry
– Stiff retention to keep blade secure in combative situations
– Allows for ambidextrous use (forward and reverse grip carry)
– It’s sexy
– Embedded Dynamis logo
– All rounded edges for comfort while in the waistband

– We took an existing design by Tracker Dan, modified it to our specs, and integrated it with the Dynamis sheath
– Features a cloth grabber that engages every time
– Can be worn with anything, including board shorts, with or without a belt
– Won’t slip off as you draw

– Anodized aluminum replica of the Dynamis blade.
– In red to make it easily identifiable as a trainer for safety purposes
– All rounded edges to avoid abrasion and injury during training

– Designed for a velcro kangaroo pouch
– Kydex with felt lining for reduced noise
– Hook on one side and loop on the other
– Made to sandwich in between your mags
– Center chest mounting for easy reference point and draw

The knife looks great, but keep in mind this is a custom knife, as the price reflects that. Dynamis/Winkler went with CPM3V steel, which I’m a big fan of, and I really like the attention to detail. The sheath alone tells the story – so often you’ll buy a really well thought out knife for a given application, and the sheath that it comes with feels like an afterthought at best.

The Dynamis Blade is available now for order at

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2 Responses to Dynamis Blade Overview

  1. Mike January 9, 2015 at 1:06 pm #

    Wow that looks awesome, but too expensive for me! You gonna review one?

  2. Jonathan January 11, 2015 at 7:21 pm #

    I love high end knives, but there are other makers that are charging half the money for similar products. Have a look here: Handmade for $180 bucks with kydex.