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Machine your own AR-15 Receiver Class

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to machine your own AR-15 receivers, check this out. CMT Tactical, makers of amazing billet AR-15 receivers, are offering a class in November where they will teach you just that.

CMT Tactical, photo by Triple Bravo

CMT Tactical, photo by Triple Bravo

MACHINE YOUR OWN AR 15 RECEIVER EXPERIENCE CLASS  Friday November 14th 2014 7:30AM until approximately 5:00pm Class Cost is $975.00 50%-$487.50 deposit required when reservation is made. Class is limited to 8 students

CLASS OBJECTIVEProvide individuals with the Experience of machining & owning AR15 Receivers that they themselves machined in a World Class Manufacturing environment.

Class Description– Attendees will be given detailed instruction at each stage of manufacturing on how to complete that stage of the manufacturing process. Once the attendee has been instructed, the Attendee would then load the machine with material & once his instructor confirmed the machine is properly loaded the Attendee would initiate the machine to begin machining his receiver at that stage. This would repeat thru all stages of the manufacturing process until the receivers are completed. Attendees will also be instructed on use of gages & gage requirements for each stage & expected to use gages to inspect the parts they are manufacturing.

Check out the class at the CMT Tactical website for more information.

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