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Northwest Armory Ruger Event

People near Portland, OR, this post is for you. Our friends at Northwest Armory will be hosting Ruger tomorrow, and along with major sales on Ruger firearms, will be having a killer deal on .22 LR – 325 rounds for $19.99.

To get the deal on .22 LR, you have to be an email subscriber (click here to subscribe to the NW Armory newsletter) and you have to be one of the first 200 customers to the event.

Event Highlights

  • NW Armory will be instantly fulfilling Ruger’s current LCP and SR22 free extra mag and ammo promotion that day, so customers don’t have to wait weeks for their stuff to come in.
  • Great deals on a variety of Ruger firearms, both new and used, great prices on LCP and SR22.
  • NW Armory received an extra allocation of Ruger revolvers from the factory for the event.
  • NW Armory will be holding a drawing for a free Ruger SR45, no purchase necessary to enter.
  • Some of the recently announced new Ruger models will be onsite for the first time, including the M77 Mark II Gunsite Scout rifle in 5.56, the American Rifle Ranch in 5.56, Ruger American Left Handed.
  • Ruger Factory Representative will be at the event.


One Response to Northwest Armory Ruger Event

  1. HillBilly Bob September 26, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    I am in Ohio so too far for me but I would go to one if it was close to where I live