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Shadow Valley Weapons Supports the Brian Terry Foundation

As I type this, day 4 of Trek’s Trek is well underway, as Trek continues his journey for the Brian Terry Foundation. We’ve seen a lot of people step up and support the foundation in many unique ways besides monetary donations – enter Shadow Valley Weapons out of Hereford, AZ.

In effort to promote the Brian Terry Foundation and their fundraiser with Trekstrek, here is a full view of the Brian Terry memorial sculpture in clay by SVW owner Cole Kynaston (right) with sculptor Joe Lupiani (left). Please help the foundation and make this post reach the far corners of FB by sharing and liking this post and visit Trekstrek page.

Check this out – pretty awesome.

Shadow Valley Weapons

Make sure you check out Shadow Valley Weapons on the web, Facebook and Instagram, and watch Trek’s journey live on the Trek Tracker.


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