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Sig Sauer MK25 Overview

The SIG SAUER MK25 is a special model P226 designed specifically for the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC). The US Navy recently granted SIG SAUER permission to sell the MK25 to the general public.

According to SIG SAUER, the SIG MK25 that is available to general public is identical to the pistol that SIG delivers to the NSWC.



Caliber 9mm
Capacity 15+1
Action DA/SA
Barrel 4.4″
Overall Length 7.7″
Height 5.5″
Width 1.5″
Weight 34.4 oz
Grips Black polymer
Sight Radius 6.3″
Frame Finish Black Hard Anodized
Slide Finish Nitron
Magazine 3 – 15 round
MSRP $1,142


MK25 vs. Standard P226

So what makes a MK25 different from a standard P226? Well, not a whole lot really. The MK25 has a phosphate finish applied to all internal components, which provides corrosion resistance in salt water environments (think Navy SEALs). It has an engraved gold anchor on the left side of the slide and a UID code on the right side of the slide. It comes with SIGLITE night sights, three magazines and a two-piece polymer grips.

SIG SAUER MK25 Marketing Video


The MK25 is definitely a cool pistol, and to that end, I see it as primarily a collector’s pistol. Now don’t get me wrong, like all pistols in the P226 family, I’m sure it will be rock solid. The P226 is legendary for a reason – I have one and love it. Mine is extremely accurate and has never malfunctioned over thousands and thousands of rounds.

The reason I think it’s primarily a collector’s pistol is the price (check out our SIG P224 review for similar story). I just don’t see a lot of people shelling out $1,000 or more for a factory pistol and then using it as a primary weapon when there are so many other great choices for far less money. Some people will of course, and to those that do buy a SIG MK25, my only question is, can I shoot it?

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