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Boxer Tacitcal Omni Sling Giveaway

Boxer Tactical Omni Sling Giveaway

Boxer Tactical recently released their newest product offering, the Omni sling, and to celebrate they were kind enough to give us a couple to give away to Monderno readers. I have one of these slings and it’s pretty nice – they are 100% sourced and made here in the US, and they come with all […]

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Boxer Tactical Zenith, Off The Grid Kydex

Boxer Tactical Zenith

About six months ago, I got my hands on a prototype of Boxer Tactical’s newest belt called the Zenith, and since then, I’ve been using it almost daily. In fact, if you read Monderno, you’ve seen this belt several times over the past few months in other reviews, like in my G-Code INCOG and PHLster […]

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Amidst the Noise

The good folks over at Boxer Tactical have been busy. Not only have they been working long hours making some excellent EDC/tactical belts (with more cool stuff coming soon), but Billy, the President of Boxer Tactical and all around swell guy, has started a personal YouTube channel called Amidst the Noise. The channel is definitely […]

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Boxer Tactical Stryker

Boxer Tactical Stryker Belt

Pictured is a Glock 19 in a PHLster Skeleton, Boxer Tactical Stryker Belt. About six months ago now, I was talking guns and gear with Jon at PHLster when he mentioned a new company he discovered sewing top quality tactical nylon gear here in the US, and at reasonable prices. Naturally, I was interested, and I contacted […]

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Walther PPQ Kaluban Cloak Boxer Tactical

Walther PPQ 3,000 Round Update

Walther PPQ pictured above with a Boxer Tactical Stryker belt and a Kaluban Cloak holster and double mag carrier. It’s been a couple months since I posted my 2,000 round update on the awesome Walther PPQ. There’s a pretty good reason for that – I’ve been busy testing other guns and gear, and ammo is expensive! […]

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