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Glock 42 First Impressions

The most popular new gun at SHOT Show based on the lines at both range day and on the show floor was without question the Glock 42. Going into SHOT, I wasn’t too excited about the G42 because I felt like Glock chose the wrong caliber. After shooting the gun, my opinion has changed a […]

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Remington 700 LTR

Coming from a precision shooting background I tend to get a fair amount of questions from people about what kind of rifle they should buy to get started in this particular discipline of shooting, and typically, I recommend a Remington 700.  If this conversation takes place at my local shooting range, then invariably some guy […]

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Drone Survival Guide

Yesterday on SPLOID, the Gizmodo spin-off blog, they reported on a different kind of survival guide – a drone survival guide (DSG). When I first saw the DSG, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after giving it some thought I decided it was worth passing along. 

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UF PRO P-40 Classic Pants

UF PRO is a Slovenian company that makes clothing primarily for military and police markets, and seems to be not very well-known here in the US. This is unfortunate because UF PRO makes some really good apparel. UF PRO gear is mostly “tactical” in design, and the P-40 Classic pants reviewed here are no exception. For several months […]

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Coye Knives Ridgeback

Bill Coye, owner of Coye Knives, is a custom knife maker located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bill makes some outstanding custom knives, one of which is the Ridgeback fixed blade. The Ridgeback was love at first sight for me. For quite a few years I’ve been looking for a small fixed blade that I could not only […]

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Glock 19 Gen 4

If you’ve been following Monderno for very long, especially on our Facebook page, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed my Smith & Wesson M&P persuasion. You could say that I’m not a believer in Glock Perfection, at least not in the way that it’s sold to you by Glock. Having said that, neither Glock nor […]

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