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Frank's present daily carry

Secondary Guns

The subject of secondary, or “back-up”, guns has been debated to death over the years, and I’d rather not beat that dead horse. But, I’m asked about it on a regular basis and I think I might be able to throw in a few thoughts that are often left out of the debate. (more…)

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Exposed Hammer Malfunction

You don’t see this every day. This past weekend at a Fortress Defense Level II Pistol course, an interesting stoppage was observed. It happened with a 1911, and appeared to be caused by the exposed hammer of the 1911 catching a student’s garment on the draw stroke. A student’s 1911 grabbed hold of her cover […]

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Fortress Defense Consultants Monderno

Fortress Defense Defensive Pistol I AAR

We recently hosted Fortress Defense Consultants for Defensive Pistol I, a two day, 20 hour course at The Impact Zone Range in Hempstead, TX. The course happened to be the weekend that followed SHOT Show 2013, which proved to not be one of my brighter decisions. More on that later in this long overdue AAR of Defensive Pistol I […]

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