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M&P Mag Plate

M&P Magazine Plate Giveaway

[framed_box bgColor=”#FFFFF4″ rounded=”true”] Update 1/25/2013: We have a winner. [/framed_box] The folks over at Bastion, who sent us the Glock Magazine plates, also sent us a couple custom M&P mag plates with the Monderno logo on them, pictured above. So once again, we decided to share with you guys by giving one away. (more…)

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Walther PPQ Magnum Research

Magnum Research Mags for Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ is one of my all-time favorite handguns. It’s reliable, accurate, and has perhaps the best ergonomics and trigger of any striker fired handgun on the market. It does have a downside though, and that’s the high cost for magazines. As you might have read on this site or elsewhere on the interwebs, […]

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Kahr CM9

Kahr CM9 Review

Kahr Arms recently started shipping the Kahr CM9, the latest addition to their value based line of pistols. The Kahr CM9 is the same size as the Kahr PM9, which has been in production for years and has a dedicated following. The differences between the two pistols are largely cosmetic. Kahr CM9 vs. Kahr PM9 […]

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