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Veteran Stands Up For Second Amendment

At an anti-Second Amendment forum in Chicago, a veritable cesspool of gun control and high murder rates, one man stood up and addressed the crowd. He identified himself as a Veteran, and gave a straightforward and passionate defense of the Second Amendment.

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Jack Spirko on the Second Amendment

One of the podcasts I try to keep up with (I’m not always successful) is The Survival Podcast, or TSP for short. If you’re not familiar with TSP, it’s a daily podcast about self-sufficiency and self-reliance in the modern world, which is as good of definition as any for Modern Survival.

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Michael Moore Repeal 2A

Michael Moore and the Intellectually Dishonest

Following today’s NRA Press Conference, filmmaker Michael Moore made what is quite possibly the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard all week via his Twitter account (and that’s saying something folks). Here’s the genius in his own words: Repeal the Second Amendment. One has to wonder if Mr. Moore even believes the things he says…since I’ve […]

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MainePrepper on the Second Amendment

I don’t usually post YouTube videos, but occasionally I come across one that I think needs to be shared. The MainPrepper channel is one that I’ve followed basically since he started it, and I’ve enjoyed quite a few of his videos. This is one such video. In it, MainePrepper talks about the history and intent […]

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RECOIL Magazine and the Second Amendment

In RECOIL Magazine‘s latest issue, issue #4, RECOIL features the HK MP7A1, a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) made by the Heckler & Koch (HK). The MP7A1 is smaller than a conventional submachine gun with rifle capabilities firing the HK developed 4.6 x 30mm round which is capable of defeating most conventionally used body armor. Well in typical HK […]

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Starbucks Appreciation Day

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, anti-gun wingnuts will be boycotting Starbucks for its decision to allow legal handgun carry in their stores. In response, Joe Huffman came up with the idea (at least I think it was his idea?) of making February 14th Starbucks Appreciation Day. You can read more about it on Even […]

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