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Theis Holsters Jake Belt

I’m usually a nylon belt kind of guy. I have several leather belts of varying quality, but nothing that I can get too excited about. That is until I got my Jake Belt from Theis Holsters. Features The Jake Belt is a handcrafted leather gun belt made by Tommy at Theis Holsters. The belt comes in […]

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 Review

The Smith & Wesson Shield was unleashed onto the market a couple weeks back with much hype and hoopla. I participated in the hype, and yes, I liked it. Hats off to the Smith & Wesson marketing team for creating such a buzz around the release. I think we can expect other manufacturers to copy S&W […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield First Impressions

[framed_box] Update 4/30/2012 Check out our full Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 Review.[/framed_box] Last week Smith & Wesson released a new pistol for the concealed carry market called the Shield. Typically, when a manufacturer releases a new gun, it’s months (and sometimes years) before it actually hits the market. And sometimes even longer before […]

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Theis Holsters for Concealed Carry

Theis Holsters is a custom holster maker located in Arkansas that specializes in concealed carry holsters. Theis (pronounced Tice) Holsters is owned and operated by Tommy Theis. Tommy makes all of the holsters by hand one at a time for a perfect fit to just about any handgun. The holsters come with a lifetime warranty […]

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