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Chris Costa and RailScales

Remember when we told you about RailScales, the G10 Keymod grip panels from Coye Knives and Asset Weapon Manufacturing? Well it looks like Chris Costa is giving them a go. I wonder if Costa likes them as much as Aaron did. (more…)

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Ethereal Rose, photo by Weapon Outfitters

Ethereal Rose, Weapon Outfitters

Weapon Outfitters and model Ethereal Rose were kind enough to send over this awesome photo of Rose rocking the stippled Monderno helmet PMAG (out of stock, more coming soon) from Lightfighter Innovations, along with some AR-15 goodness. (more…)

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Lionheart LH9, photo by Sage Dynamics

Lionheart Industries LH9

Monderno contributor Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics recently finished his testing of the Lionheart LH9 and sent over his review. Fanboys and haters, brace yourselves. In the meantime, enjoy. (more…)

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California Sen. Leland Yee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24-48 hours, then you know all about California State Senator Leland Yee and how he was arrested Wednesday for alleged conspiracy to illegally import firearms. You probably also know that he was rated an A+ by the Brady Campaign, and that he is a major proponent […]

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