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Exposed Hammer Malfunction

You don’t see this every day. This past weekend at a Fortress Defense Level II Pistol course, an interesting stoppage was observed. It happened with a 1911, and appeared to be caused by the exposed hammer of the 1911 catching a student’s garment on the draw stroke. A student’s 1911 grabbed hold of her cover […]

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Spyderco P'Kal, photo by Spyderco

Spyderco P’Kal

There are many knife manufacturers with folding designs that are utilized most of the time for every day tasks that can also be used as a defensive tool in a “worst case scenario.” On the contrary, there are extremely few folding knives whose primary task is to be implemented as a defensive edged weapon. (more…)

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Training to Live in a Non Polite Society

The world is a scary place, there’s no denying that fact. However, there are people who will deny the possibility that violence could ever happen to them. These are the people that most often say, “not me”, “that would never happen”, “I don’t have to worry about that”, “I’m prepared for that”, “I know how […]

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2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense

2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense AAR

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Carbine Home Defense class by 2 Vets Arms in the Houston, TX area. The class, which was born from a late night conversation I had with Dean Brandly, was geared towards defending your home with a semiautomatic rifle, but nearly all of the instruction we received translates to other weapon […]

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2 Vets Arms

Carbine Home Defense

If you’re like me, the subject of home defense is important to you. I was talking to my buddy Dean from 2 Vets Arms a while back about this very topic (learning a lot as usual) when I asked him if he would consider teaching a course on home defense tactics and fundamentals. After some deliberation, […]

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Laser Shot

Laser Shot

Recently I had the good fortune to visit the Houston Laser Shot facility with my friends Colion Noir, Lonnie from Texas Custom Guns and Joe from Patriot Defense, to see what Laser Shot was all about. We had a great time, and I came away very impressed with their technologies and what they have to offer. […]

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The Bulletproof Mind Seminar

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Bulletproof Mind Seminar by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  If you are not familiar with Colonel Grossman he is a retired Army Ranger, West Point professor, author, and an absolute shining example of a true American.  When law enforcement and the military seek out training in the […]

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Fortress Defense Consultants Monderno

Fortress Defense Defensive Pistol I AAR

We recently hosted Fortress Defense Consultants for Defensive Pistol I, a two day, 20 hour course at The Impact Zone Range in Hempstead, TX. The course happened to be the weekend that followed SHOT Show 2013, which proved to not be one of my brighter decisions. More on that later in this long overdue AAR of Defensive Pistol I […]

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Mad Duo

Fight Like a Girl, If You Can

The Mad Duo over at Breach Bang Clear recently had the good sense to let someone else write for a change (just kidding fellas), and that someone was Ellen Pucciarelli. Ellen reviewed the Costa Ludus Heavy class, a 3 day 7.62 semiautomatic fundamentals course that sounds like all kinds of awesome.  (more…)

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