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Chimp with a gun

Accidental Discharge Question

Could you address the idea that guns just go off? On the news they say, ‘the gun accidentally went off.’ I would love to [read a post] from an expert debunking this scary thought! First, I hardly would refer to myself as an “expert.” Dan Shea over at Small Arms Review pointed out decades ago […]

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Pistol Malfunction Drills

My buddies Nam and Mr. Colion Noir recently had the good fortune to attend a handgun course with Stephen Pineau and 21st Century Gunfighter in northern Texas (sadly I wasn’t able to make it). One of the things they brought back was a malfunction drill that I hadn’t heard of before – Malfunction Mayhem. Malfunction Mayhem […]

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The Importance of First Aid Training

Over this past weekend, our buddy Brad from MADCAT had a sobering experience that I think we can all learn from. This is from the MADCAT Facebook page: Hey guys, I want to share something with you that happened tonight. Me, my wife and my kids were going to dinner and witnessed a car hit […]

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Women's Basic Firearms Safety

Fortress Defense Women’s Basic Firearms Safety AAR

[framed_box] Today we introduce Brittany, a new contributor to Monderno, who provides a female and new shooter’s perspective to guns and training with this After Action Report (AAR) of the Fortress Defense Consultants Women’s Basic Firearms Safety course. – Brandon [/framed_box] Women’s Basic Firearms Safety AAR This past weekend, I attended a Women’s Basic Firearms […]

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concealed carry

Getting Started with Appendix Carry

I’ve been carrying concealed for about 10 years now, but up until a few months ago, I had never tried appendix carry. Appendix carry is where you carry your pistol inside your waistband in the appendix area. Appendix carry is also commonly referred to as AIWB, which is an acronym (because who doesn’t love a […]

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