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Comment Policies

While we believe in the First Amendment and defend it as vigorously as any, the First Amendment does not apply here. If you comment on this blog, you are doing so as a guest in my house, and as such, are subject to a few simple rules.

  1. Comments will be kept civil. If you want to disagree or argue a point, please feel free, but if you cannot do so without ad hominems or other window licking behavior, your comment will very likely be removed. This is not a forum.
  2. Comments from obviously fake email addresses will not be allowed, whether we agree with you or not.
  3. If you comment on an article, you are certifying that you actually read it. Novel idea, I know. If your comment makes it clear to me that you did not read the article, your comment will be removed.

That’s it. Beyond this, we will do our best to not ban anyone from commenting (though it does happen from time to time when inevitable).

Thanks for visiting Monderno.

-Brandon, Editor