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Cold Steel Super Edge Neck Knife

I love Cold Steel, and I love Cold Steel knives. Cold Steel is based out of Ventura, California, and makes many great products including knives, swords, machetes, tomahawks, blowguns, walking sticks, spears, pepper spray, and many other specialty self-defense items.

Cold Steel was founded in 1980 by company president Lynn C. Thompson. In addition to being a knife maker and designer, Lynn is a life-long practitioner of martial arts, and an expert in many different weapons systems and fighting techniques.

Neck Knives

I’m a fan of neck knives, mostly because carrying a knife this way allows me to completely conceal a knife in situations where knives aren’t allowed, strictly speaking. A good example is in the workplace.

I have worked in offices before where carrying a pocket folding knife was frowned upon or even completely disallowed. If you find yourself in situation where you want to completely conceal the fact that you have a knife, instead of carrying a pocket folding knife, you can carry a neck knife that no one will ever know you have.

Super Edge Specifications

Steel AUS 8A Stainless
Handle Kraton
Weight 0.8 ounces
Blade Thickness 0.078″
Blade Length 2″
Handle Length 2.3″
Overall Length 4.3″
Sheath Secure-Ex

Super Edge Features

The Cold Steel Super Edge is an amazing little knife. As you will see in the video demo below, the Super Edge is a fantastic cutting tool. Even though the Kraton handle is only 2.3″ long, I find it to be very ergonomic, comfortable and easy to hang onto. The knife comes absolutely razor sharp out of the box with a very functional Secure-Ex sheath.

As a neck knife, it’s very nearly perfect. The only thing I don’t like is the way the sheath flares out towards the bottom to fit around the handle guard, making the knife a little thicker. I like neck knives to be as thin as possible for maximum concealability.

Additional Uses

The Cold Steel Super Edge is an affordable, very small and lightweight knife that is quite capable for its size. Because of this, its uses are virtually unlimited. The Secure-Ex sheath comes with a key ring and has tie down eyelets that can be used as attachment points, meaning you can attach this little knife to just about anything.

Since it adds virtually no weight, I like to throw one in each of my EDC and bug out bags. You could also attach one to your key ring.

Wrapping Up

The Cold Steel Super Edge is a great knife that you can have with you at all times. If you’re looking for an affordable neck knife, or a knife that you can throw into an EDC or survival kit, don’t overlook the Cold Steel Edge.

Super Edge Demo

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