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Demystifying Guns

What fuels society’s fear of guns? Politicians? The media? Billy Johnson from Amidst The Noise weighs in with his thoughts on a recent story about a man who legally chose to open carry a firearm, and the hysteria that it caused.

The language of fear is prolific in public comments on open carry.

One Response to Demystifying Guns

  1. Kevin Ballard October 20, 2014 at 11:44 am #

    Good video. I don’t know what method of open carry this man chose to exercise, and I suppose there may be some open carry situations and methods which are strategic/appropriate. But I have a real problem with yahoos who strap on an AR15 and grab a video camera and parade up and down the street, solely and purposefully seeking pubic and police attention. The rifle is a political prop, not a self-defense tool, in these situations. These antics give the rest of us gun owners a bad image and fuel the fire of the anti-gunners. Occasionally I watch one of these videos on YouTube and I cringe at the attitude these folks display to the police officers.