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Domestic Violence

What connection is there between mass shootings and domestic violence? Billy Johnson from Amidst The Noise weighs in.

March, 2009, Robert Stewart opens fire in a Carthage, North Carolina nursing home killing 8 and injuring 2.

October, 2012, Scott Evans Dekraai opens fire in a Seal Beach, California salon killing 8 and injuring 1.

April, 2013, Dennis Clark opens fire in a Federal Way, Washington Apartment building killing 4.

What do all of these tragedies have in common? They started as domestic violence. According to a recent report by USA today, approximately 900 people have died in mass shootings since 2007. Of those, a majority were killed by someone they knew.

Even the rabidly anti-gun Mayor Bloomberg can’t deny the connection. His coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns recently released an analysis of 56 mass shootings and found that almost 60% of them involved or started as domestic violence.

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One Response to Domestic Violence

  1. Brenda October 2, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    I can’t believe there aren’t any comments. I will be the first. We live in a nation that supports and protects the “right” to abortion on demand. If the cultural mind set says it’s ok to kill a baby up to the time of its birth, what’s the big deal if that “wanted” child or it’s mother is smacked around. If decent people aren’t willing to stop the violence in the womb how can we stop it outside the womb! Abortion is the worst kind of domestic violence!