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Freedoms Are Not Untouchable

One of the new NRA News commentators is Gabby Franco, the Olympian pistol shooter who became a US citizen and competed on History Channel’s Top Shot. In her first NRA News video, she talks about her birth country of Venezuela, and how socialist policies have stripped citizens of their rights and destroyed the country’s economy. 

I speak up because I refuse to have my rights taken away one more time.

Pay very close attention, because if we do not deviate from the path that we are currently on, this is a glimpse of the future of America.


One Response to Freedoms Are Not Untouchable

  1. cglabb April 24, 2014 at 10:03 pm #

    I talk to guys at work and general populous and it seems the younger they are the more likely their belief that our gov’t could never do what Gabby was talking about. Scary to find myself wondering at times if I’m crazy or the only sane person in the room. Systematic disarming of our country is the hot topic and soapbox of those with political aspirations and they are finding listeners. Trying to dissolve what they call an antiquated constitution and evolve to some delusional utopian society where even the criminal element will be handled with passive understanding. The constitution is still relevant and it is the “Right of the People” to lay the foundation of a more productive gov’t, not the perpetual corruption that is the current state. We ARE Rome and I smell smoke…