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Welcome Shellback Tactical

Today I would like to welcome our newest advertising partner Shellback Tactical, maker of the Banshee Plate Carrier.

Shellback Tactical

Shellback’s flagship product is without a doubt their excellent LAPD approved Banshee Plate Carrier, which now can now be purchased in a quick deployment (QD) format.

Banshee QD Features

Banshee QD

  • Versatility with several PALS web attachment points covering the front, back and shoulders of the vest
  • Fully adjustable and padded
  • Two areas of loop for identifiers
  • Fits over soft body armor/Uniforms
  • Wire, antenna or hydration hose guides
  • Removable Hybrid Cummerbund
  • Low Profile/High Mobility/Lightweight
  • Quick Release Buckle securing system
  • 1000 Cordura – Drag Handle
  • Will accept up to 10×12 Level 3 and 4 ESAPI OR SIMILAR PLATES and Plate Backers. The pockets will not accept the XL ESAPI plates

The BANSHEE QD (Quick Deployment) plate carrier is an advanced professional/operator grade plate carrier that takes the Banshee to another level of comfort and performance. BANSHEE QD is the second version of the Banshee family of plate carriers. Made to accommodate those that do not need a full traditional cummerbund but still want the ability to run front and back rifle plates. Ideal for Law Enforcement, Military, and Sniper operations. This BANSHEE QD plate carrier is Ultra lightweight, low profile, and has great load carrying capacity. Designed for protection, utility, mobility in a compact lightweight design. One major difference with the BANSHEE QD plate carrier is the cummerbund which now is a hybrid type.

The Banshee QD can be purchased in either Black, Ranger Green, MultiCam, or Coyote Tan, and of course if you need plates to go with it, head on over to Katylist and pick some up.

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