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SHM / DRFT Advanced Combat Targets

Snake Hound Machine announced a new product today via Facebook called Advanced Combat Targets, and they look pretty cool.

SHM/DRFT Advanced Combat Targets

SHM/DRFT Advanced Combat Targets, phot0 via Facebook

Advanced Combat Targets Description

Introducing the new Advanced Combat Target. This single sided 24″36″ target printed on heavy durable paper is designed to help hone combat accurate shooting skills. Well defined vitals, spine, and heart compose an IPSC style box that is superimposed over a detailed and medically accurate anatomy chart that can be used as a training aid during lecture and medical classes. White silhouette on black background makes targets easy to acquire for longer distance shooting. Developed by SHM with input from Down Range Firearms Training, these targets are ideal for developing real-world combat accuracy and speed. This item will start shipping on 8-15-2013 and all target orders have a $10.00 flat rate shipping.

The targets are pretty fairly priced, with breaks for larger quantities purchased – a 100 pack will cost you $60 with shipping. If you’re as interested as I am, head on over to Snake Hound Machine to pick some up.

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