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2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense

2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense AAR

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Carbine Home Defense class by 2 Vets Arms in the Houston, TX area. The class, which was born from a late night conversation I had with Dean Brandly, was geared towards defending your home with a semiautomatic rifle, but nearly all of the instruction we received translates to other weapon […]

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2 Vets Arms

Carbine Home Defense

If you’re like me, the subject of home defense is important to you. I was talking to my buddy Dean from 2 Vets Arms a while back about this very topic (learning a lot as usual) when I asked him if he would consider teaching a course on home defense tactics and fundamentals. After some deliberation, […]

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Descendants of Sparta

Descendants of Sparta Giveaway Rifle

It all started with Dean and Amber from 2 Vets Arms. Several months ago, 2 Vets Arms put together a limited run of 300 Spartan AR-15 lower receivers to raise funds and awareness for Gallant Few’s Descendants of Sparta. If you don’t already know, Descendants of Sparta is a nonprofit organization with a goal of reducing veteran unemployment, […]

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No Compromise

My good friend Brandon called me to get my take (which is usually unfiltered for him) on an article about compromise with the gun control folks, and what he heard was not what he expected. “Guess it’s time for Dean to make his Monderno appearance huh?” This was originally an offer that was meant to […]

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Magpul MOE hand guard

Magpul MOE Hand Guard Giveaway

Photo above by Magpul. When we were putting together parts for the Descendants of Sparta raffle build, which incidentally should be kicking off very shortly, we somehow ended up with an extra hand guard that was donated by the good folks over at 2 Vets Arms. (more…)

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