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Concealed Carry and Paranoia

If you carry a gun, you’ve likely heard it before – “what are you afraid of?” I know I have, many times. As if the only possible reason behind my choice to carry a gun is paranoia. In his latest video for the NRA News, Billy Johnson addresses this topic, and makes a great point: […]

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Billy Johnson Joins NRA News

Billy Johnson, the owner of Boxer Tactical and the AmidsTheNoise YouTube channel announced today that he has joined the NRA News team as a commentator. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this announcement for quite a while. I think Billy is going to bring a completely different perspective to the NRA with the ability to […]

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Amidst the Noise

The good folks over at Boxer Tactical have been busy. Not only have they been working long hours making some excellent EDC/tactical belts (with more cool stuff coming soon), but Billy, the President of Boxer Tactical and all around swell guy, has started a personal YouTube channel called Amidst the Noise. The channel is definitely […]

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