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Connecticut Door to Door Confiscation

By now you’ve probably heard the claims that confiscation has begun or is about to begin in Connecticut, so today, let’s discuss the situation in a brief timeline of events, and examine what we do and do not know at this point. (more…)

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Police Confiscate Vet’s Rifle

There’s a story out of Oregon that is raising quite a few eyebrows. Police have confiscated a veteran’s AR-15, and he’s facing charges, after he attempted to stop a wanted felon from breaking into his home. (more…)

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California Poll

CA Gov. Signs Confiscation Funding Bill

A few weeks ago we told you about the California gun confiscation funding bill that passed the state legislature. Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown predictably signed the bill into law. For more information on this bill and why I think it’s a bad idea, read my original post, but here’s something I found interesting this […]

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California Seizes Firearms

They’re not coming for our guns, right? I read a story on Bloomberg titled California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms. Yes, the site owned by Michael Bloomberg, and yes, that title is what I’d call an attention-getter. The article details how in California, the state tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns […]

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