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D.A.R.K. photo by Dark Angel Medical

Dark Angel Medical Holiday Sale

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the holiday sales have already started. I will pass along sales that I find interesting, and a sale on Dark Angel Medical gear definitely qualifies as interesting. (more…)

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Dark Angel Medical

Dark Angel Medical on TSP

Kerry Davis (AKA “Pocket Doc”) from Dark Angel Medical was interviewed on The Survival Podcast today. Dark Angel Medical makes the awesome Direct Action Response Kit (D.A.R.K.), a slim and compact med kit that contains “everything you need and nothing you don’t.” I own one of these kits and they really are a fantastic investment. (more…)

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The Importance of First Aid Training

Over this past weekend, our buddy Brad from MADCAT had a sobering experience that I think we can all learn from. This is from the MADCAT Facebook page: Hey guys, I want to share something with you that happened tonight. Me, my wife and my kids were going to dinner and witnessed a car hit […]

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