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Temple Index - Firelance Media

The Temple Index – Real World vs the Range

Controversy and gun handling techniques go hand in hand.  Any time there is a new technique introduced or an unorthodox technique gets widespread exposure (no matter how long it has been in use), there will be all manner of instructors, shooters and spectators chiming in on the usefulness or stupidity of the technique.  Recently, the […]

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Ghost Gunner, image via Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner

Defense Distributed strikes again. The name should sound familiar – Defense Distributed is the company that 3D printed an AR-15 lower receiver (remember all the “ghost gun” nonsense?) and then gave away the plans for free before the government shut them down. Well now they’re back, with an open source technology called the Ghost Gunner. […]

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Unity Tactical ATOM

Unity Tactical ATOM

Handguns are the staple self-defense tool for nearly every single person reading this article. As much as we may want to have a rifle on hand in the event of an attack, it’s impractical and unlikely. Because of this, handgun technology has continued to improve at a steady pace, ammunition, metals and polymers, sights, triggers, […]

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DVM  D.A.R.T. | La Cima World Missions

Iraqi Christian Refugee Relief Mission

The crisis in Iraq continues to get worse. The terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL (formerly known as ISIS) has taken control over much of northern Iraq and is committing genocide on the minorities that live there. The animals of the Islamic State are beheading children, gang […]

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Close Quarters Shooting, Reality in Context

Every instructor has a particular skillset that they pay special attention to; be it the mechanical fundamentals, precision accuracy at distance or more dynamic skills such as speed shooting.  This doesn’t mean that other important skills are ignored, far from it.  Rather (at least in my case) it makes the focus more evident in that […]

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Point fire

Vision Under Stress

I remember that it took forever to clear my shirt off my gun, I yanked up on it so hard with my off hand, just like I had been trained, that the bottom buttons were torn right off the shirt. I found my gun and drew, my first round was from the hip. The shot […]

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Lionheart LH9

Lionheart LH9 Review

During my career and personal life, I have carried a lot of different handguns.  From a service Beretta to a duty carry H&K USP Tactical, a Kimber 1911 to an FN 5.7; I’ve experienced the pros and cons of different controls and functions.  This doesn’t make me an “expert” in the handgun, but it does […]

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