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Biometric Registration

First off, I hope all of you are having a great Mother’s Day. Without our mothers, we would of course not exist, so thank you to all the moms out there who chose LIFE. Today’s topic comes from a news story on the immigration bill, and is a bit different than what we normally talk […]

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ATF Wants “Massive” Database

On March 28, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) posted this notice on, titled “Investigative System”. If you click through and read the Statement of Work (SOW), you will find that that Investigative System is really a “massive online data repository system” that contains “public records and non-public/proprietary information”. Anytime we see […]

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Assault Weapons Ban Agenda Confirmed

A couple weeks ago we told you that Senator Dianne Feinstein was set to introduce a renewed and more onorous Assault Weapons Ban on the first day of Congress (January 3). Well we now know some of the details of this new ban. This is from Feinstein’s website, emphasis added. Summary of 2013 legislation Following is […]

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