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Fight Like a Girl, If You Can

Mad Duo

The Mad Duo holding the Monderno patch hostage

The Mad Duo over at Breach Bang Clear recently had the good sense to let someone else write for a change (just kidding fellas), and that someone was Ellen Pucciarelli. Ellen reviewed the Costa Ludus Heavy class, a 3 day 7.62 semiautomatic fundamentals course that sounds like all kinds of awesome. 

Ellen writes:

The Costa Ludus 7.62 Heavy Course hosted at Rocky Creek Ranch in Myakka City, Florida was the most fun experience I’ve had at a training course. At the same time it pushed me to the edge of my limits. Most classes either test my limits mentally and/or physically; this was the first class to show me how strong my spirit was; how badly I wanted to finish, do well, stay in the fight and hit the next target when I was too exhausted to move. A testament to my will power, if you will. In the months leading up to this course, I was advised by a few people to “just run your 5.56 AR, you’re a girl, everyone will understand.” Well, I didn’t ‘understand’. Why couldn’t I run a heavy weapon? Moreover, why shouldn’t I?

You can, and should, read the rest here. Ellen, of course you ran a 7.62, and I’m sure you ran it like a boss. Nicely done.

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2 Responses to Fight Like a Girl, If You Can

  1. 100atr February 12, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    Go Girl!

  2. Greg Toal February 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    There is NO REASON a woman can’t or shouldn’t run a “heavy”. It’s just what I’ve tried to teach my Daughter; “There is NOTHING you cannot do, if you just try”. NO ONE has the right to decide what a “female” can or can’t do. We males need to back. The. Fxxk. Off. ,!!