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Fortress Defense Women’s Basic Firearms Safety AAR


Today we introduce Brittany, a new contributor to Monderno, who provides a female and new shooter’s perspective to guns and training with this After Action Report (AAR) of the Fortress Defense Consultants Women’s Basic Firearms Safety course.

– Brandon


Women’s Basic Firearms Safety AAR

This past weekend, I attended a Women’s Basic Firearms Safety class through Fortress Defense that was geared towards teaching the basics of how to properly use a handgun. I must admit I had reservations about attending the class in the first place. I didn’t want to attend something that would be more advanced than what I was ready for. For me to consider the class to be a success, I needed it to build my skills and confidence in handling a gun.

During the eight hour class, we learned how to properly handle a gun, the rules of gun safety, how to load and unload a gun, and finally how to securely store a gun. Each step was broken down and taught in such a way to make us feel calm and comfortable. Prior to attending the class, I didn’t feel comfortable even handling a gun, much less shooting a gun. This class helped push me in the right direction towards overcoming my fear.

Our instructors also went into great detail as to the importance of owning and carrying a handgun for everyday use. In my opinion, this sounded like something only men should do, and before this class, I had never even considered carrying a gun myself. Now that I’ve been through the class, will I start carrying a gun every day? Not yet. However, I did take away a couple personal safety points that I will start implementing right away, and think every other woman should too.

1. Carry Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can easily be put into your purse or pocket and can even be used on dogs. Don’t buy Mace. It’s not the same thing.

2. Carry a Knife

Even something as small as a pocket knife is better than nothing at all.

In conclusion, I would recommend Women’s Basic Firearms Safety to any woman who is looking to learn basic gun handling skills. I learned a lot and think the Fortress Defense instructors were excellent at teaching these potentially lifesaving skills.

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  1. Thom June 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Need to see if I can get my wife into a class – wish me luck!