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Cluelessness, Cowardice, and Complicity

At a recent town hall I held, several people said they wanted to explore smart gun technology to reduce accidents…Others mentioned liability reform to make sure those who are negligent with a gun are held financially responsible. How many more times must this happen before we make this violence stop? House Bills 4261-2, which would […]

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The Fallacy of Equal Force

What a wonderful world we live in; not too many years ago, the internet still loaded slowly, YouTube was barely a noun and cell phones were not the portable recording powerhouses they are today.  Law enforcement videos were dashcam or nothing and the cases involving use of force were often witness point of view only.  […]

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Spartan Village Kydex Holster

Taking Higher Education Back to School

Warning: This article will require the reader to actually read it in full and watch pertinent, supplied information. Critical thinking is advised. The Big Picture We live in a pretty scary world. Not because of ghouls, goblins, ISIS, or gangs, but because of a far more imbedded threat to the freedom of the American public. […]

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Closed Minds Hurt Freedom

I’m all for individual liberty but… I love it when a self-proclaimed freedom-lover makes a statement like that.  I love it because it immediately tells me that they in fact are not someone who loves freedom; they just love the idea of THEIR freedom and that of like-minded folks. (more…)

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Shield/Helmet Logo T-shirt

For those of you who have been asking about Monderno t-shirts, here you go. Today we launched a new Teespring campaign, so if you’ve been wanting a Monderno logo shirt, now’s your chance. (more…)

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