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Protecting Liberty

Billy Johnson from Amidst The Noise fame (you know, the guy who blew up the internet with the Choose Your Own Crime Stats video) launched a Kickstarter project today called Protecting Liberty. Here’s why you need to get on board. (more…)

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concealed carry

Concealed Carry and Paranoia

If you carry a gun, you’ve likely heard it before – “what are you afraid of?” I know I have, many times. As if the only possible reason behind my choice to carry a gun is paranoia. In his latest video for the NRA News, Billy Johnson addresses this topic, and makes a great point: […]

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Infringed Rights

The erosion of our rights in this country is appalling, and it continues to get worse. Not only are we losing our Constitutionally protected rights, but our laws seem to mean less and less each day as well. (more…)

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NRA News Billy Johnson

Government Disarmament

Can the government ever disarm the American people? NRA News commentator Billy Johnson takes on this difficult topic in his latest video, and I think he pretty much nails it. (more…)

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Billy Johnson, NRA News

Is Gun Ownership on the Decline?

Is gun ownership on decline in the United States? You’d be hard pressed to make that argument to someone who has been to a gun show lately, or to someone who waded through the swarm of red bags and milk crates at SHOT Show, or even to someone that has been shopping for .22 LR ammunition […]

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The Logic of Violence

Is violence logical? Right on cue, Billy’s first NRA News video has been released, and it’s a good one. In it, he discusses the logic of violence, and brings up some interesting points not often discussed. (more…)

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