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Appendix Carry Draw

For several reasons, I prefer to carry concealed in the appendix position. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s what works best for me when concealment is necessary. If you’re new to appendix carry, or just curious about the carry method, this video from Reid Henrichs shows how the appendix carry draw varies from […]

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Keepers AIWB

Keeper’s Concealement AIWB Holster

Appendix Carry seems to be an extremely popular method of concealed carry these days. Various brands are now available in lieu of the “need” and “want” for a comfortable and quality holster. Unfortunately, this method of carry is variable to each person when compared to traditional strong-side carry. Everyone’s body is built differently and therefore […]

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Armordillo Concealment X-FER

About a month ago, we had the privilege of announcing a new holster to the market, the X-FER by Armordillo Concealment. My initial impressions after running it for a few days were positive, but I promised to report back after I had the chance to test it more thoroughly, and it’s now time. If you follow Monderno, […]

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Off The Grid Concept MKi ADR

Off The Grid Concepts MKi ADR

Off The Grid Concepts (OTG) recently came up with a new holster system called the ADR, which stands for Adaptive Draw Rig. There are three versions of the ADR: MKi, MKii, and MKiii. The MKi version, which is reviewed here, is made from .06″ Kydex and is designed for appendix carry. What originally interested me in the […]

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Glock 19, Raven Vanguard 2

Raven Concealment Vanguard 2

Raven Concealment recently rolled out the second iteration in their Vanguard series of holsters, the Vanguard 2 (VG2). The Vanguard holsters, and the VG2 specifically, are a truly unique design concept. The Vanguard holsters are essentially trigger guards with an attachment mechanism, and provide an extremely minimalist way to carry your handgun. The idea is simple […]

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PPQ Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Update

Several months back, I decided to give appendix carry a try. Many of you have asked how this is going, so I decided to post an update. Since trying and liking appendix carry, it’s been my primary carry position and I honestly don’t see that changing anytime soon. For me, carrying AIWB took some getting used […]

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PHLster Skeleton Kydex Holster

When I first saw the PHLster Skeleton holster, I was intrigued. The Skeleton is a minimalist Kydex holster that gives you a quick and easy way to carry your gun inside the waistband (IWB). There are a lot of “minimalist” style Kydex holsters on the market, but none of them have really interested me for one reason […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 Review

The Smith & Wesson Shield was unleashed onto the market a couple weeks back with much hype and hoopla. I participated in the hype, and yes, I liked it. Hats off to the Smith & Wesson marketing team for creating such a buzz around the release. I think we can expect other manufacturers to copy S&W […]

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concealed carry

Getting Started with Appendix Carry

I’ve been carrying concealed for about 10 years now, but up until a few months ago, I had never tried appendix carry. Appendix carry is where you carry your pistol inside your waistband in the appendix area. Appendix carry is also commonly referred to as AIWB, which is an acronym (because who doesn’t love a […]

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