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Reid Pulls Gun Control Bill For Now

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced that the Senate would put aside the gun control bill for now, saying “it’s only a matter of time before we bring this anti-gun violence measure back to the floor.” (more…)

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Kim Jong-un Joins Biden Special Weapons & Tactics

In a video released yesterday by North Korea that is clearly meant to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies, international tough guy Kim Jong-un can be seen giving troops shooting tips. I don’t speak Korean, but it appears that Lil’ Chubby is explaining sight alignment and sight picture, as well as how to […]

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden Special Weapons and Tactics

Vice President Joe Biden has been in the news a lot lately for not only his ignorance where the Second Amendment is concerned, but for the flat out stupidity of his self-defense advice. Since apparently the man doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, he’s at it again. (more…)

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Joe Biden Recommends a Shotgun…Again

Vice President Joe Biden is once again recommending a shotgun for self-defense. In a Facebook town hall event hosted by Parents Magazine, Biden finally (in my mind) wrestled the nickname “shotgun” away from his predecessor Dick Cheney once and for all. Let there be no more speculation as to which Vice President throughout history was more […]

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