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Starbucks Appreciation Day

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, anti-gun wingnuts will be boycotting Starbucks for its decision to allow legal handgun carry in their stores. In response, Joe Huffman came up with the idea (at least I think it was his idea?) of making February 14th Starbucks Appreciation Day. You can read more about it on

Even if you don’t drink coffee, if you support the Second Amendment, I encourage you to head on over to your local Starbucks on February 14 and support them. You don’t have to agree with everything Starbucks does (I sure don’t) or love their coffee (it’s just ok for me, not great), that’s not what this is about. This is about showing the anti-gun crowd that Second Amendment supporters are many, we are paying attention, and we’re not going anywhere.

$2 for 2A

The idea behind $2 for 2A is simple – spend $2 for the Second Amendment. Even better, as I read on The Truth About Guns, is the idea of using a $2 bill to make your purchase. On the front of the $2 bill is of course Thomas Jefferson, while the back (pictured above) depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I think this is fantastic symbolism, and if you have $2 bills or you can get them from your bank, it would be a great way to tell the folks at Starbucks about your support.

Facebook Event

If you’re on Facebook, also consider joining the event setup by Galen Wagner (good job Galen). And while you’re there, check us out too.

Starbucks Appreciation Day Facebook Event

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