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TOPS Pathfinder SAR Knife

Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School has teamed up with TOPS Knives to design a Search and Rescue (SAR) knife with the Pathfinder School logo on it. The knife has a non-coated, fixed 4.5″ blade made out of 1095 steel with Micarta Handles and Ballistic sheath.

[image title=”TOPS Pathfinder SAR” align=”left” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” size=”small” autoHeight=”true”][/image] Like all TOPS Knives, the Pathfinder SAR looks great. The non-coated, high carbon blade specified by Dave is a good choice for wilderness survival. The sheath is another high point, with good retention, fit, storage compartments, and MOLLE attachment capabilities. The weight with the sheath is 7.9 ounces and 10.6 ounces without the sheath.

The low point has to be the price. The the time of writing, The Pathfinder School sells the knife on their website for $169.95, which is, in my opinion, quite a lot for a 1095 steel blade.

Check out the video below for more information and a product overview from Dave Canterbury.

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