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Remora Holster Kahr CM9

Remora No Clip Holsters

Remora No Clip Holsters are holsters made in Naples, Florida that use compression and friction as the retention mechanism. As you will see, the name Remora is very fitting. A Remora, sometimes called a suckerfish or sharksucker, is a fish that attaches itself to sharks, manta rays, whales, and turtles. Remora holsters attach themselves to […]

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Magpul Field Case for iPhone 4/4S

Magpul Field Case

Being notoriously hard on phones, I have been looking for the perfect case to keep my new iPhone 4S safe. I’ve looked at and tried a few of the expensive ones from big electronics stores, but have been unimpressed with their style, price and quality. That’s when the Magpul Field Case caught my eye. Known […]

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Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection

Speer Gold Dot

In addition to the excellent Federal Tactical HST, I also carry Speer Gold Dot hollow point ammunition for personal defense. Speer Gold Dot is wildly popular in the law enforcement community, and for good reason: it works. Overview Speer Gold Dot was the first high-performance handgun ammunition to be loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. Gold […]

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Federal Tactical HST

Federal Tactical HST

Federal Tactical HST ammunition is some pretty amazing stuff. Federal HST is hollow point ammunition designed to provide consistent expansion and optimum penetration for terminal performance. Federal HST has a specially designed hollow point tip that won’t plug while passing through a variety of barriers. The bullet is also designed to hold its jacket together […]

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4Sevens MiNi AA²

4Sevens Quark MiNi AA²

An easily accessible flashlight is a high priority for me. I have a number of them scattered throughout my house just-in-case, and I recently started carrying one with me everyday. I wanted something small, simple to use, easy to carry and bright. That search lead me to the 4Sevens Quark MiNi AA². Not only is […]

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Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Review

Small packs have always been intriguing to me. As an hobbyist photographer, and someone who loves being outdoors, I’ve always wanted something that is rugged enough for hard use, has enough space for my large DSLR, but isn’t too bulky to carry or cumbersome for short hikes. Maxpedition’s Jumbo Versipack seems to meet my requirements. […]

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Theis Holsters for Concealed Carry

Theis Holsters is a custom holster maker located in Arkansas that specializes in concealed carry holsters. Theis (pronounced Tice) Holsters is owned and operated by Tommy Theis. Tommy makes all of the holsters by hand one at a time for a perfect fit to just about any handgun. The holsters come with a lifetime warranty […]

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