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Colorado Sheriffs Suing Over Gun Control

File this one under good news…

The Associated Press is reporting that a group of 54 Colorado sheriffs are planning to file a lawsuit to block the recently passed gun control laws. There is supposed to be a news conference tomorrow morning to detail the federal challenge. There are 64 counties in Colorado, so if 54 sheriffs join the lawsuit, that’s just over 84% representation. Pretty amazing.

DENVER—A group of Colorado sheriffs unhappy with recent gun control laws are planning to file a lawsuit to block them.

The sheriffs have called a Friday morning news conference to detail their federal challenge. The lawmen said they would challenge two new laws, one limiting the size of ammunition magazines and another law to expand gun background checks.

The laws were passed earlier this year in response to mass shootings in Aurora and at a school in Connecticut. Not all sheriffs testified against the bills, but some were frequent visitors to the state Capitol in an effort to prevent the gun controls.

The right-leaning Independence Institute says 54 sheriffs are joining the lawsuit, along with other gun-rights activists who oppose the laws.


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  1. mark gilbert May 16, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    Good to see the sheriffs have a set