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Fenix LD02 Mini EDC Flashlight

I have way too many flashlights (wait, I mean not nearly enough flashlights) from a lot of great companies: SureFire, Streamlight, Elzetta, Fenix, etc. If you’re a fan of lights, there’s no shortage of options these days.

I seem to have a particular weakness for small, lightweight flashlights for EDC. Lights that are small enough to fit into my jeans pocket but still bright enough to be useful, like the Elzetta Alpha we recently told you about. Along those lines, I came across a new light from Fenix called the LD02 over at Predator Intelligence:

We received an online exclusive for the new Fenix LD02 Flashlight.This mini EDC light is just shy of three inches and just one ounce in weight with battery included. The LD02 has a 100 Lumen output on its highest setting and runs on one AAA battery. Actual reach on the highest output is nearly 150 feet and the flashlight offers three different brightness settings.

Run time on the LD02 is up to 15 hours on the lowest setting. We have been looking forward to this flashlight for its no-profile size and easy tail cap operation for all settings with a cheap and easy to find battery. You can check out the video below for a complete overview with key specs. The LD02 comes complete with a pocket clip and can be ordered now for immediate shipment while supplies last at

The LD02 runs on a single AAA battery and weighs less than an ounce without the battery.

Check out this video from Fenix to learn more. At the time of writing, the LD02 was in stock over at Predator EDC for $29.95.

2 Responses to Fenix LD02 Mini EDC Flashlight

  1. john September 12, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    I have the fenix tk15 for work. Its an outstanding light

  2. charles September 14, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    i have had several Fenix lights all of them excellent lights durable, light,bright as hell … now if i can just stop losing them!