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Glock 26

What’s in the Box Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our second What’s in the Box contest. There were quite a few of you who guessed correctly, so either it was too easy, or you guys have been paying attention.  (more…)

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Glock Box

What’s in the Box Contest

Since our last what’s in the box contest seemed popular, I thought we’d play again. Last Friday I went to see my buddy Lonnie at Texas Custom Guns, and I came home with a new Glock and a set of four AR500 ballistic plates, so it’s that time again. (more…)

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M&P Mag Plate

M&P Magazine Plate Giveaway

[framed_box bgColor=”#FFFFF4″ rounded=”true”] Update 1/25/2013: We have a winner. [/framed_box] The folks over at Bastion, who sent us the Glock Magazine plates, also sent us a couple custom M&P mag plates with the Monderno logo on them, pictured above. So once again, we decided to share with you guys by giving one away. (more…)

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Bastion Glock Coins

Bastion Challenge Coin Giveaway

[framed_box bgColor=”#FFFFE0″ rounded=”true”] Update 1/11/2013 We have a winner. [/framed_box] Our friends over at Bastion, the guys who made the awesome Glock magazine plates with our logo on them, sent us some more goodies. The sent us a couple different challenge coins, and we decided to give some away to you guys. (more…)

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Gen 4 Glock 19

Glock 19 Gen 4

If you’ve been following Monderno for very long, especially on our Facebook page, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed my Smith & Wesson M&P persuasion. You could say that I’m not a believer in Glock Perfection, at least not in the way that it’s sold to you by Glock. Having said that, neither Glock nor […]

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Glock Perfection: Fact or Fiction?

Glock Perfection. I’m sure you’ve heard Glock’s slogan before, but just how much truth is there in it? A lot might depend on whether or not you’re a fan of Glock… Though I’ve shot many Glocks over the years, I’ve only recently become a Glock owner. I’ve long been more of a Smith & Wesson […]

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Gen 4 Glock 19

Your First Handgun

A question I get asked fairly often is what handgun do I recommend as a first, and potentially ONLY, handgun. Partly because I think this is an interesting debate, and partly because I’m lazy and want to have a post to refer people to in the future, I decided to put my thoughts together and […]

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Bill Kramer Carries Glock 26 in Assembly

In November of 2011, Wisconsin became the 49th state in the United States to issue concealed carry permits to its citizens, leaving only Illinois where the right to keep and bear arms is denied. Under Wisconsin’s new law, state residents 21 or older who submit $50 to the Justice Department, pass an agency background check […]

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Shot Show 2012 Wish List

The NSSF Shot Show 2012, January 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV, is almost upon us, so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the new guns and gear we’re all hoping to see. Personally, I’m hoping Smith & Wesson and Glock both release single stack 9mm pistols. Why single stack 9mm pistols? […]

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VSS Vintorex

10 Class 3 Guns I Want to Shoot

Most of us who are crazy about firearms could fill pages about all the guns we want to own or shoot. My personal list is a least mile long. Since I am not independently wealthy, a member of the military, or possess a class 3 license, I decided to list 10 military or “class 3” […]

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